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Started in Nov 2011, Volunteer 4x4 is a free to join communication network setup to notify 4x4 volunteers where their help is needed during times of adverse weather conditions such as heavy snowfall. New volunteers can sign up instantly online.

"Without the teams assistance aided by Volunteer 4x4 AnE centres and Intensive Care Units would have been understaffed or even closed"
Staffordshire Search & Rescue via Twitter

"I never tweet but wanted to thank you for your support for @StaffsPartnersh in getting our nurses out to patients!"
Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Partnership NHS Trust

"What a great idea @Volunteer4x4 is!!! As a district nurse its reassuring to know we can still see our patients!!!"
District nurse via Twitter

"I have been out with two guys tonight to get to a vulnerable patient who has been snowed in since Friday. Without their time and vehicles it would probably be a few days yet before we could get out safely to him! I can't express how grateful I am for their support and dedication, and all this done without payment!!!!!!!"
Care & Support Worker via Facebook

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